The most improbable thing has happened: my adult stem cells have been regenerated. Several subsets of the stem cells have produced observable consequences. New body hair has grown from the tops of my toes to my eyebrows. And my eyelashes hit my glasses now. My fingernails are thicker, so are my toenails. My dry mouth is gone and the saliva glands keep saliva flowing without direct food stimulation. My dry eyes are no longer dry, tear glands are keeping a flow of tears going.  
My erectile dysfunction has lessened. These are observable facts. Some new scalp hair is being reported. 
        Inferences can be directly drawn on several other sets of stem cells being regenerated. My urine flow is a greater volume and is expelled with greater pressure. My feces appears as long tapered cylinders. And the force required to push the feces out is much less. These last two observations have led me to believe that the muscles of my bladder wall have been supplemented with new muscle cells and that the muscle cells in the walls of my large intestine have also been supplemented. I had mucosal prolapse, where the lining of lower rectum protrudes from the anus. In about 7 or 8 months after my stem cells were regenerated the lining withdrew back into my rectum. I firmly believe none of these conditions have ever been rejuvenated or fixed without surgery in all the history of medicine. Of course erectile dysfunction has been 'treated', as has dry mouth and dry eyes, but never made 'normal' as after adolescence.

Importantly, cd4:cd8 ratios from lab tests demonstrate stronger immune systems, 30% to 50% stronger.

 "Congratulations on the remarkable results that you obtained concerning the WBC counts.  I think this is great and certainly a very marketable test for the product.  By the way, since these cells all are derived from hemopoietic bone marrow stem cells,  Your theory that Adolesce increases stem cell production is supported.  I would expect that you would achieve similar results with other types of stem cells.From an MD, PHD chem.   

       The causal factors here are a set of naturally occuring molecules: Three B vitamins, an Amino Acid, and a plant extract.

                                                        Nicotinamide Riboside 250 mg. - vitamin B 3
                                                         L-methylfolate 2.8 mg - vitamin B9
                                                         Methylcobalamin 1 mg. - vitamin B12
                                                         N-acetylcysteine 300 mg. - an amino acid
                                                         Pterostilbene 50 mg. - a plant extract

                            ADOLESCE should be taken twice a day in a capsule form by those 55 or older..  

        Guesses, which are not reliable, supplement my personal conclusion of my stem cells being stimulated or regenerated. I believe new neurons are being generated and others are rejuvenated. At the beginning of my observations, reported above, I also noticed early morning clear nasal efflux. I interpreted this as waste from neuron generation.
        Feelings, which are also not reliable, add to my belief: I believe I wake up more refreshed than previously. That my muscles are tighter and push me to exercise. I believe my memory is improving: when I wake up my to-do list has returned and I know that I must take my medicine, get a shower, put on fresh clothes, make my bed, and eat breakfast, etc. And I do. Recall seems better but more importantly I am again recording most of the information that I receive. And autonomic actions like not walking into a wall when my head is turned, not getting a good grip on a glass or cup and spilling things, knowing where my body parts are without conscious attention, having my mind together appears much better.
Hope is not reliable. But I hope, and tend to believe, that my stem cells in the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, bones, etc. have also been regenerated. I hope the new stem cells are producing daughter cells that replace senescent and damaged cells of the local tissue and organs. The evidence simply isn't in yet.
        I am 77 and I look, feel, and see that I am healthier and that it is all improbable, very improbable but factually and actually true.