Future Research Objectives

                              ASCR is committed to research to determine answes to the following questions:

       1. What percentage of the populace has their Adult Stem Cells Regenerated by following the  Adolesce protocol? The corollary is: "What percentage does not respond, or fully respond, and why don't they respond?" 

       2. What are the molecular pathways and chemical reactions along those pathways that are initiated by the Adolesce protocol and end in new cells, new tissues, and rejuvenated organs?  Which organs are affected and which are not, and why they are, or are not, affected. We have ideas now but want certainty. See the page: "What's Going On?".

       3. Is lifespan, as well as healthspan, extended by the Adolesce Protocol?

       4. Why Adolesce succeeds in simulating new stem cells.  What are the primary mechanisms?  If they are not working on all the adult stem cells, why aren't they?