Disclaimer on any imprimatures of Adolesce

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        Human physiology varies from person to person. But really not by very much. The DNA of each human is about 3.2 billion ( 3.2 times 10 to the 9th power) base pairs.. Each person differs from each other by about 3.3 million base pairs ( 3.3 times 10 to the sixth power) ( See Life, The Science of Biology, 10th ed. p. 366). Which implies roughly one part in a thousand differs from one person to another person as far as base pairs go. That is 99.9% the same. But when two arbitrary human genomes are compared they are only 99.5% identical. The other .4% difference is due to copy number variation. These facts seem to imply that the physiology of each of us is pretty much the same. The form and function of a human being is tied directly to the expression of its genes and the genes are at least 99.5% identical. There is little reason to believe physiology differs much from one person to another. This belief is the basis of all medicines: If the medicine affects one body in a certain way the probabilities favor it to affect any other randomly chosen body the same way: aspirin reduces the pain of headaches; antibiotics reduce the number of bacteria in the blood stream.
        Adolesce appears to affect the human body by stimulating adult stem cells to regenerate causing either new or rejuvenated stem cells to produce both copies of themselves and copies of their daughter or target tissue cells. This reaction to Adolesce may well not occur in all humans. We do not yet have a statistical sample large enough to definitively say x number of people out of ten thousand have had positive results in regenerating their stem cells by following the Adolesce regime for 2 or 3 months. We hope to have this statistic in the next 6 months. Our intuitive feel, based on the similarity of human physiology, is that well over 50% of the population following the Adolesce regimen will experience the generation of new protein, new cells, and new tissues, that  result in healthier organs and overall better health. We only caution here that all the evidence is not yet in.

        And speaking of evidence, our competitors currently in the "adult stem cell regeneration selling community" do not, and cannot, point to any new protein made after their product is taken. And if they did, or could, we would be the first to affirm that they have also demonstrated the highly improbable. But, again, no one else has. Adult Stem Cell Regeneration LLC is the only Company offering  observable, reproducible, intersubjective evidence that new protein, new cells, and new organ tissue results from following its regime of two Adolesce tablets a day, exercise and good diet.